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Thursday, September 27, 2012

My favorite Dr Seuss book is ‘Horton hears a who’

I can’t remember ever really reading Dr Seuss books when I was younger but when I got a little older I started to realize that they were influential in children’s lives. I took it upon myself to show an interest in some of the books, my favorite one being ‘Horton hears a who’

Horton is a lovable, elephant with big ears and an even bigger heart. When a sound from a small puff of dust catches Horton’s ear, he’s blown away by the idea that there could be an entire world just like his floating around unseen. He makes it his business to protect the little Whos and their world on the speck of dust. Convincing his friends he isn't crazy turns out to be a harder job than protecting a tiny world of invisible people.

I often wondered if there was a world other than ours that existed. Have you ever thought how perhaps there is an entire functioning planet that lives on our noses, and that every time we sneeze they have an earthquake? It’s something to consider I think.
I appreciate the fact that Dr Seuss made it possible for us to open our minds up. He made it possible for us to imagine!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Why I have conversations....

Conversations mean more than the movement of words from one person to another. I love sharing other people’s views on certain matters. More specifically, having a conversation with someone particularly interesting can open your eyes up to things you've never realized. Like chatting to someone that’s been overseas before, or that’s been on a crazy journey, or experienced a traumatic thing, these are all things that make conversations truly awesome.
I love having conversations!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

100 things I'd like to do before I die

11.       To sit on Monaco beach with a drink
22.       To eat a pizza in Italy
33.       Travel Route66 on a Harley Davidson
44.       Hire a camper van and travel France
55.       Ibiza!
66.       Climb Table Mountain
77.       Cycle the Argus
88.       Visit the great Wall of china
99.       Climb a pyramid in Egypt
110.   Ride a camel through Sahara Desert
111.   Attend cooking classes
112.   Make Sushi
113.   Bake a good tasting cake
114.   Paint a masterpiece
115.   Walk in the Amazon
116.   Hike to the first level on Kilimanjaro
117.   Create my own garden
118.   Be part of building a house for underprivileged
119.   Sing Karaoke in China
220.   Visit Hong Kong
221.   Travel in a yellow cab in New York
222.   Make a call from a Red phone booth in UK
223.   Scuba in Zanzibar
224.   Work at a beach bar
225.   Host Christmas lunch
226.   Paraglide
227.   Visit Machu-Picchu
228.   See Victoria Falls
229.   Bake oven bread
330.   Paint a masterpiece
331.   Design my own home
332.   Have kids
333.   Climb to the top of the Eifel Tower
334.   Open a coffee shop
335.   Become fit
336.   Run the New York marathon
337.   Attend Tomorrowland in Europe
338.   Ride a bicycle through Amsterdam
339.   Ride a canoe through the Alps
440.   Do a graffiti piece
441.   Learn to play a guitar
442.   Learn to use a film camera
443.   Build an album with film photos
444.   Horse ride in Fuji
445.   Stay in a wooden house in Bali
446.   Eat a curry in India
447.   Teach myself how to use Photoshop
448.   Swim in the ocean in Cancun Mexico
449.   Go to Walt Disney World in Florida
550.   Gamble in Vegas
551.   Drive up the Hollywood Hills
552.   Be a part of a flash mob
553.   Make a bottle of wine
554.   Visit the Guggenheim
555.   Attend a beer festival in Germany
556.   Sit on a bench in Central Park, New York
557.   Visit Greek Isle
558.   Visit Phi Phi Islands, Thailand
559.   Sky dive
660.   Go on a boat cruise
661.   Travel on the Blue Train
662.   Watch the Olympics
663.   Go on a yacht down Camps Bay Beach
664.   Try acupuncture
665.   Give up smoking

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

My big fat BIG dream....

Throughout my entire life I've filled my mind up with big fat dreams I would like to achieve and conquer. Whether or not these dreams actually happen is a different story. As I get older I find my dreams change too, they develop into unimaginable ideas that remove me from normality, this could be the result of merely just wanting to escape, get away, and break free.

I'm a realist so dreaming is hard for me, but I do often wonder about things that I'd really like to do. I watch movies and am influenced by amazing scenery and intense locations.

What it all boils down to basically is my big fat dream to travel the world!

Conventional is good fallback position isn’t it??

If I were to do everything conventionally it would be easy to call me a vibracrete wall.
Boring in colour, flat surfaced, easy to assemble and tasteless.  All of which I am most definitely not. Although a lot of the time you do feel stuck between a rock and hard place, conventional should never be the option.
When one agrees to just do the bare minimum, or all that is required of them, you will often find that you will never be able to exceed expectations. It might be a safe option to be conventional, but no one likes boring. What defines each of us individually by our characters is our ability to all be different. Being conventional puts you in a subculture that just gets by by doing all they need to. Go the extra mile, put in the extra effort, make the difference.

Monday, September 10, 2012

You cannot chase two rabbits at the same time.

Chasing two rabbits at the same time could leave you in a state. Having one focus and one goal once at a time is better.
Think about it, it’s a Friday night and you have a decision to go to two parties. You are torn. You decide to go to the one, leave a little earlier and then join the other where you spend the rest of your eve. The party you left first you clearly thought less off than the one you ended your night at. In the end you are left feeling exhausted and not having enjoyed your night.
Have one focus and one goal. Take one step at a time, Having multiple goals will just wear you out and it will make it almost impossible for you to even acknowledge the end result.

“Nothing is more dangerous than an idea, when you only have one idea” (Alain).

What this statement means is that when a person only has one idea they can become so consumed in it, they lack the ability to see a world of other opportunities that are available.
It’s awesome having a focus point in your life, but it can land you in hot water if it’s only one. What happens if that idea fails and does not become a reality, one may end up with nothing at all.
You need to set goals in all sectors of your life. Your career, your family, your fortune as well as your health, and for each goal more than one idea on how to achieve it. We also need to be flexible with our ideas so that we don’t find ourselves stuck when trying to execute something, and we are quickly able to move onto the next one, or adjust it appropriately to give us our required end result.